Tom Wainwright

Tom WainwrightNever gives up on a case’ – Legal 500 2011

A ‘terrier-like ability to unearth the weak points in the prosecution case’ – Legal 500 2010


Tom has always been a devoted criminal defence Barrister and is dedicated to upholding the rights of those against whom the State seek to bring criminal charges.

In the service he provides for professional clients, he is able to bring the benefits of his experience working for a busy East London solicitor’s firm representing clients at the police station and preparing cases for Defendants charged with offences including murder, rape, drugs importation and terrorism. For lay clients he provides a strong mix of fearless advocacy, in-depth legal knowledge and thorough preparation together with a sympathetic manner, common sense and sound judgment.

Outside of work, Tom continues his support of those desperately in need of a strong defence in his following of Sheffield Wednesday FC.

Protest Law

Tom has particular interest in upholding protestors’ rights under Articles 8, 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights and challenging the excessive or unlawful use of force by police officers. Tom’s practice in this area includes high-profile cases such as R v Martin Jahnke who was arrested after throwing a shoe at the Chinese Prime Minister in protest at their Human Rights record. He has also appeared regularly for ‘FITWatch’ who object to the Metropolitan Police’s use of ‘Forward Intelligence Teams’ to photograph peaceful demonstrators, intimidating their right to protest.

Anna Morris

Anna MorrisBackground

With a solid background in both domestic and international human rights law, Anna has extensive experience of successfully representing clients whose cases challenge public policy and seek to achieve social justice. Anna has expertise across the criminal justice system including criminal defence, extradition, inquests into deaths in custody and civil actions against the police.

Protest Law

Anna is regularly instructed on behalf of political protestors whose cases challenge the state’s incursion into civil liberties. In 2012, she represented a number of defendants from across the UKUNCUT movement taking part in high-profile demonstations against Fortnum and Mason, Vodaphone and Topshop. Anna secured acquittals for all those she represented.

She has also represented those taking part in demonstrations at the sites of Sequani, Carmel Axgrexco, Raytheon and Erynis as well as those who attended the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth. As a result, Anna is experienced in the cross-examination of professional witnesses, particularly police officers.

Katherine Craig

Katherine CraigBackground

Katherine specialises in private and public law challenges against State bodies, including the police and the Home Office, and the private companies increasingly responsible for detainees’ care in custody, and has a reputation for taking on public bodies for some of the most disadvantaged sections of society.

Protest Law

Katherine acts for Lois Austin in Austin v UK, the lead case on ‘kettling’ or containment or protesters, in the European Court of Human Rights. Kat also acts for a 14 year old student in a case against the Metropolitan Police arising out of the kettling of large groups of young students at the anti-cuts student protests on and after 9 December 2010.

Owen Greenhall

Owen GreenhallBackground

Owen is a pupil barrister at Garden Court Chambers. He was previously the race-discrimination caseworker at the Prisoners’ Advice Service and is a former member of the Climate Camp legal team. He combines experience as a criminal defence lawyer with knowledge of public law challenges gained from his prison law background. Before training as a lawyer, Owen was an academic working in philosophy and linguistics.

Protest Law

During his time with the Climate Camp Legal Team Owen was involved in several high-profile legal challenges to the policing of protest. In particular, he assisted a large number of litigants in person to bring claims for breaches of Articles 10 and 11 following the systematic use of unlawful stop-and-search powers at a protest at Kingsnorth Power Station in 2008.

Owen has also represented prisoners facing disciplinary charges following protests within the high-security estate. As a pupil, Owen worked on the Occupy St Paul’s, Occupy UBS and Dale Farm cases.